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  • Introduction


    Kim Phat Manufacturing-Processing & Trading Company Limited (Kim Phat Co., Ltd) is anexperienced business partner in our specialized field. We supply metallic materials such as alloy products and ferrous metals. We are committed to excellence and provide the market with durable quality products.


    We offer products in various categories.With an experienced staff and using new technology we’ve built a reputation of reliability with our business partners. We offer our customers dedicated service and specialized knowledge,which is also our development motto.


    Kim PhatCo., Ltd is a market leader with modern technology, and has a competitive edge in the local market. Our business has grown exponentially, meeting our strategic market objectives to “increase market shares, and prioritize our customer’s satisfaction before profit”.



    Based on the qualifications and technical skills of our team, our business targets consists of:

    –       Quality first

    –       On time Delivery

    –       Up-to-date new technology

    –       Continuous Improvement

    –       Timely services

    Kim Phat co., Ltd has come a long way to offer electronic tin soldering and has a market reputation of high quality products.With improved research initiatives, we also highly value and learn from our customer’s feedback and upgrade our work methods accordingly. Looking for a credible partner? Kim Phat Co., Ltd. will not disappoint you.




    ·     Merchandising metallic minerals

    ·     Distributing  to alloys and ferrous metals

    ·     Manufacturing and processing in orders




    ·  Electronic Soldering Tin

    ·  Tin Soldering (Bulb, Compact…)

    ·   Aluminum Alloy Tin Soldering

    ·  Alloy Tin Soldering Bar (dip tank)

    ·   Babit

    ·   Shaped Lead (Art glass)

    ·   Electric Fuse

    ·   Additive